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Go down into parking garage. Beat guard who is there. On the way through the entire parking level, look at every license plate of every car by standing at the front bumper and hitting X. (You will need these for codes later). Go around to the left and fight another guard. Continue to the bottom left corner. Go in room and fight guard. Hit red button to open garage door, exit room and head to top of the screen. Go through garage door and go left. Fight a guard and then go up to fight 2 more guards. (You should have another combo by now - chump change - HP,HP,LK). Go to access pad beside garage door at top left of screen and hit X. Enter 82931, the door will open. Go through the door and fight 2 guards. Go left and up, pick up large medi-pack. Go back down and right, then go up and kill armed guard, get ammo. Go to access pad at top left of screen next to garage door. Enter 97482, the door will open. Go through it and fight a guard. Go forward, kill an armed guard and take his ammo, then fight an unarmed guard. Go to toll booth in middle of room and open door. Grab red key. Backtrack through the garage the way you came to the very first access pad that you used. Go right and open the glass door with the red key by hitting X. Go inside and go in next door. You are now ready for Part 2 of The Towers.

Go up the stairs and to the right. Fight 2 guards, grab the ammo and head up the red carpeted hallway. Kill the armed guard and take his ammo. Go to the door on the left and open it. Go in and grab the C room key. Exit the room and go right. Continue all the way to the right then go down and use the stairs. Continue down and go right into the locker room. Go up and then to the right. Continue right as far as you can go. Go down the hallway and kill the armed guard, take his ammo. Continue down and then back to the right. Go up the hallway and go right. Fight the guard and go down until you get to a door on the right. Open the door, go in, grab the BR key and the free life. Exit the room and backtrack killing any guards in your way. Go all the way back upstairs and go left. Go to the first red door at the top of the screen. Open it and go in. Access the computer on the left and then exit the room the way you came in. Go back to your right, and then back down the stairs. Go right and back into locker room. Follow the red-headed woman over to a locker. Open it and grab the SPF key. Exit the locker room and go back upstairs. Go to the left all the way into the room where you found the first key. Go to the left and open the door. Grab the rocket launchers and the CR key. Kill the armed guard, take his ammo and the large medi-pack. Go back out of the rooms until you get to the red carpeted hallway. Continue down then go to your right and open the door. Access the computer to turn on the elevator. Leave the room and go left. Go back up the red carpeted hallway and take the gold elevator on the left. You are now ready for Part 3 of The Tower.

Go out of the elevator and go down the red carpeted hallway. Go right through the door and continue right. Kill the armed guard and take his ammo. Continue right until you see a gate at the top of the screen. Open the gate, go in and climb up the ladder. Kill the two armed guards (You should have another combo - smash - LK,LK,HP). Continue forward and kill guards. Go to the right and kill another guard, take his ammo. Continue right and drop down opening at the bottom. Kill guard and take ammo. Go left and find detonator. Stand in front of glass sunroof and place detonator on it. Back away until after explosion is over. Drop down in hole and grab medium medi-pack. Go up the ladder and do the same with the other glass sunroof. Drop down in that one, kill guard and take ammo. Grab bronze key and head up the ladder. Go forward and up the next ladder. Go left then go up and kill armed guard, grab ammo. Continue forward then to the right. Kill armed guard and take ammo. Drop down the ladder at the bottom and kill the armed guard waiting at the bottom right. Go left, grab the detonator and then go up and get the small medi-pack. Destroy both sunroofs in the same manner as before and drop down in each one to grab some goodies. Go back up main ladder and go left. Then go up and kill the armed guard. Go all the way to the end and open the door on the left. Access the computer to unlock the gate. Exit the room and go right. Open the door. You are now ready to fight Jarek.

Run around to avoid his projectiles and the run in close and stand toe-to-toe with him and duke it out. Use medi-packs as needed.

You are ready for Level 4 - Sinkiang. (Be sure to save your game).

  Level 4 - Sinkiang
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