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Mortal Kombat Nightmares coverage of the Mortal Kombat Annihilation Movie Vincent Pirozzi
I really liked it but, somes things I didn't. Like Johnny Cage dying at the begnning,and that Sub-zero,Scropion, and Nigthwolf were ownly in the movie for like 5 mins. But otherwise the movie ROCKED!!!!!!!

Excellent Storyline with two exceptions. Johnny Cage should have been resurrected as Raiden and the others were. I presume that Raiden and Shao Khan's father was Shinnok in the movie. How can all of this be possible? Is there another MKM in the future. It's something to think about.

Where do i begin!! It started off as if it might even be good , killing off lame ass Johnny Cage 4 example . BUT, down it went from there faster than a crack ho'  needing $10 to get that last rock!!

     What made the first film decent were the fight scenes; however, the scenes in the sequel just weren't good. At all!!

    The plot wasn't bad it was holy! The lamest , gimmickyest dialog i wish i never heard. The scene with Nightwolf and LIu Kang 4 ex. When i heard the word animality used in a serious scene i lost all hope right there , Commercialitis and sequelitis had set in and it was game over!!

    Beyond these "small" problems i may have been able to forgive if not 4 the butchered ( or should have been butchered)  characterizations ,

  Let's see we get one Mark Messier lookalike Shao Kahn, a raiden who looks like the Professor from Gilligan's Island( When will a chinese man play this character) ,  a boyz in da hood version of  Jax, an i-don't know -what the hell it -is version of Subzero, a dissappearing Scorpion("suckers" you said it all there brother!!) , a smoke?sector?, and some really short screen apperances by some of the other "bad guys".

   I know everything can't be put in a 90 min. movie but at least stay true to the basic game and your own script.  

  If the entire earth was being over run by Messier's oopps!! i mean Shao Kahn's troops , where were the people at ? i don't think i saw anyone captured , killed or anything close to global slaughter!

   Why does Sindel hate Kitanna in one scene and then all huggy at the end!?

  I thought Jax's arms were cybernetic constructs not velcro snapons!

   The point is there is no point and whata  nice easy ending , was it a time machine?  Does death and destruction undo that easy? 

  Overall , the whole film seemed as if it were a rush job!

  Until you can have an r rated version of a film dealing with Mortal Kombat , there won't be an accurate telling of the storyline we call " Mortal Kombat"

        IN spite of it's flaws , i'd watch this over the majority of Hollywood's garbage that is forced down a movie fans throat!

   That is all!!!

Ronnie Roller
I loved the movie, the fx were great. I think I love anything with MK in it. 

There were cool fight scenes and the special effects were amazing. i still think though that sub zero could have been used more than he was.

Nosaj Samoht
I thought it was a very good movie but there was some bad points I'd like to explain here. #1 It seemed the movie was put together to fast. Some spots seem to have been edited at the last moment as in the case of Rayden fighting the 3 Raptors. He knocks out 2 then it's over and shows him at ground level. Then it shows Sindel and Jax with her knocked out and we now see Rayden standing on the second level. #2 I hated the ninja outfits badly. I know they were trying for a MK2-MK3 look but it didnt c ome close. What was up with Scorpion's mask??? It looked silly. Ermac's mask looked like Scorpion's in the last movie but with red added to it. #3 Why was that many fighters crammed into the movie at once? They killed off people to fast and the fights were way to short. Last #4 The Scorpion/Sub-Zero fight was nothin like we were promised. The producers said it would be a long fight but it was just like a minute and 30 seconds. Oh also I didnt like how they changed the elder g! ods to make them some old couple. Stick to the game please next time.

I liked it yes, but there was some no's about it too, such as why kill johnny cage,no stryker no sektor.didnt get to see sheeva fight no fatalities like in the first one.short fighting scenes such as sub-zero and scorpion didnt see them any more rain died to quick didnt see him fight,but out of all that there was some good quality there nice makeup more moves from the game then in the first movie.but i liked it though

It Kicked Ass! I loved it and uh well let's just say it was cool

I kinda' liked the movie.  It is really hard for any MK freak to say they didn't.  Although I Have to admit, it was kinda cheezy.... There was one thing I really missed from the first movie.  In it, most of the stunts were actually done in real life, where as in MKA, they were computer generated, making them less believable.  The Part with the animalities was stupid. However, they did a good job incorporating all the characters.

It was very cool but also it lacked as far as being a good sequel to number one. This one got way to f**ked up for my taste. I mean Lui Kang became a giant dragon monster and fought with Shoa Khan who also became a giant monster And come on Sub Zero and Scorpion deserve way more screen time than that!

Paul Czajka
1st The plot SUCKED!! 2nd The fights were too short. 3rd There were too many characters at once in a movie 4th Some characters were played by dumb actors (eg. Raiden)

I thought the movie was OK, but there were so many things wrong with it.  Someone else has all ready pointed out a few of them (lack of humans, Jax's arms), so I'll try not to name ones that all ready have been.  After Sonja had her mud wrestling fight, how did she become all clean in the next scene?  And how did Liu Kang (spelling?  I dunno) get to that winter wonderland with Jade all of a sudden (maybe this would be explained to me if I played the game more than about four times).  And what hap pened to the other two of Nightwolf's tests that Liu Kang would HAVE to beat if he were to defeat Shao Kahn?  The change of actors for Sonja was okay, and the immediate destruction of Johnny Cage made me smile.  He was somewhat annoying the first movie.  But what happened to Christopher Lambert??  Granted, he wasn't Chinese like Rayden is supposed to be, but he was SOOO much cooler than this other guy!  And, of course, the animalties crap was really unneeded.  I could probably say bit more (Sheva's death : "This date is over."  thump, thump, thump, crash, dead) but I've gotta go do something a little more important.

I liked it because it is Mortal kombat and i been a grat fan of mortal kombat since the first mortal kombat game came out. This one was the best. Grat fx and grat fighting parts. It Rocked.

Wong Siong Hu
There was somehow too much emphasis on Sandra Hess as she wore a layer of singlet only. It's bad for young teen boys to watch this. It's as if she's some sort of sex object in the movie.

I think it really sucked!  As a huge fan of Scropion, him being in it and being degraded to the worst line in the damm thing was too much.  I mean how can you take the best character in the game and reduce him to that? Also, the combination of Smoke & Sektor was stupid also. I believe they should just do a rated "R" version to capture what MK is all about.  I mean if I wanted to see a touchy- feely movie, I'd rent Beaches. 

I liked the cool fights and special effects but there were no fatalities wich were what made the first movie better, people just faught for a minute and then somehow died, i mean what happend to the Reptiles??  In the MK3 movie we want blood people!!

alex lambert
I think that mka is all good.Everybody got to see it.


The figts were to short and and the plot really sucked This is why you dont make sequels cause they suck. This movie was really boring to me. You may have made millions of dollars on this,but francally it SUCKED 

Mike Olson
It had more characters in it and a lot more fights.

I thought that it was alright. The story-line wasn't as messed up as I thought it was going to be, but the ending was bad. It was cuttoff and had no depth at the end. The first movie was much better though.

Philip Siegel
The movie was not horrible.  Everyone expected the first MK to bite just like Street Fighter did.  To our surprise, the movie was excellent, and totally blew our expectations away.  We now had high expectations for the sequel, but how much better can you make a movie, when the standards are already so high???  MKA was not a bad movie.  The fights were just as good, and the acting was equally as good as in MK.  The story was easy to follow, although it was easier to follow for bigtime MK nuts, like myself, because we already knew the story, but to the untrained MK viewer, there were a lot of unexplained characters in the movie.  Fortunately, all the unexplained characters in the movie had very little impact upon the movie and were of no consequence to the movie, making it an easy movie to follow.  It was a decent movie, not bad, not excellent, but good.

David Craddock
I thought that the movie was really cool. It had great special effects, and since I am a MaJoR Mortal Kombat FanAtIc, I give it a 9 out of 10.

Aurel Dumitru
I like Mortal Kombat Annihilation although i hadn't seen the movie but I saw on MCM on a show some short movies . I have seen the first Mortal Kombat movie, I like very much the game too. And this is why I like Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

ste 1000
It's cool

My friend was in it: reptile!!!

Thought the music was better and the flow from fight to fight was smooth. Dialog wasn't as funny as the first movie, but there was more of a plot to follow, and better fights for the female characters. Making Rayden mortal was a nice touch, gave him some fight scenes, but he seemed to have lost his slightly bizarre sense of humor (or was that just the actor's interpretation?). Again, we find the ubiquitous Brian Thompson.  Wonderful Jax character; he got the best lines.

Joseph G. Tan
The way they use graphics and their powers.

bill joudrey
I would tell you but it has not come to pei yet im wating for it to get here but i don"t know when it will be here but from the commercils it looks good especilly smoke and scorpion

Anthony Lauer
The Movie Sucked.  Just face it.  I am a true MK freak but the movie had no depth. The plot was loosely based on the game.  Isn't Scorpion and Sub-Zero Friends.  And Isn't jade supposed to be black.What about Jax.  He has an sonya ego from the first movie.  His armes are implants not gloves.  The way they did animalitys were a little stupid.  And Knight Wolf had little to do with the movie.  WHat about the smoke subzero relationship. WHeres sector. They didn't announce that Fujin is taken Raidens spot as earth realms protector.  Why did shinnok look human. Why did sub zero use his freeze on the groung and then Liu was able to jump over the gap.  I could go on and on but I have to admit the effects were cool.

Too many characters wasted up time which couldv'e been used on a good story line, there is no way Raiden and Kahn could be brothers, because Raiden's a god, and Kahn's just a emperor, no where near a good, plus everybody almost had a short story lines, the only good actors were Robin Shou, and the dude who played Raiden, Music was good, graphices were ok, Jax was real funny, but those were the ONLY good parts.

Even though Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Rain, Noob Saibot, Johnny Cage, Baraka, and Mileena had small parts and Sektor, Khameleon, Shang Tsung, and Kabal were not in it......THE MOVIE IS AWESOME!!!!

This movie was stupid. Im mean there were Character Changes, Crappy Acting, chezzy FX, No Gore, Fatalities ANYTHING. And ANIMALTIES!!!  Come ON I'm sure they want people to dislike the game and movies. Why don't they go full belt crap and Make Liu Turn Into a baby in the third movie, then Shinnok can say. "Babality." And what was with everyone being nice?  "Friendships?" It's like I heard someone say once, Sequals SUCK. But Make an Exception for SCREAM 2- The only none suck movie out this year.

LL Jade
The graphics were cool, the characters ruled, the weapons were the best, the story line was awesome, and the fights kicked butt. Next time let Sub-Zero have a bigger role!

gabriel estrada
just was awesome!

Dwayne Anthony Barton
The storyline is the same as MK1 the movie, whereby somebody fights somebody it is more interesting but I'll like with a better script and new characters.

My friend is gonna kill me for putting yes but it's only marginal..i found it in my heart to go easy on this movie just because it was a sequal if your a fan u might like it..if your not then forget it go see scream2 or something. The story was not deep enough, the fights weren't as cool(jax couldn't fight for s***) the characters were treated like crap..rain was killed in the beginning..did anyone catch noob saibot? cause for two seconds they showed him come out of ermac..they didn't even say his name like they did for reptile in part one..UGH....but i like it just enough to say yes....

This movie RAWX!! the effects and story are totally awesome especially the fight between scorpion and sub-zero!! But all of the movie rocked and rolled!!!  i will see it again!!!

I'm a real MK Fanatic!  The game ROCKS! I only wish I could say the same for the movie.  As many have said, the fights were to short and and the plot seamed a little stupid.  First, these should really be shown to those guys down in Hollywood. Maybe we'll get that "R" rated MK we really want!  Until then, I think they should give up on these cheep plots and sad fight scenes.  Come on!  Sub-Zero and Scorpion are the MAJOR characters in Mortal Kombat and we were told we would get a good fight scene... But what did we see?  Not even 3 minutes!!!  Come on Hollywood... Open your ears and listen to what the fans want.

Adil Khan
It was the best movie I ever saw in my life. The action the suspence the dramma but I have to admit I did not like the part wen jonny died but most of it was good

Unlike the first movie, which is rightfully considered by many to be the best movie based on a video game ever made, this movie was just really bad. First of all, the script seemed really rushed. It was beyond belief how cheezy the dialogue was. The storyline also didn't seem very well thought out. It seems like the writer just took the basic MK3 storyline and started writing down who was going to fight who. Fight scenes are nice, and I thought a few of them in this one were decent, but any good movie has to have a good story behind it. The first movie's storyline was handled well, but in this one it was rushed out. The biggest problem I had with the writing was characterization. The first movie introduced all the characters to you, and all of them played a part in the story other than just being there for a fight scene or two. In this one, the writer made the jump from the storyline of MK1 to MK3 while still trying to keep all the characters in it. It was ! just too much. Too many characters were in the movie so briefly that you really have to play the game to know who they are. In the first movie, all the characters were introduced so well that even a person who's never played an MK game can enjoy the movie. This one can really only be enjoyed by MK fans, and that's unacceptable when you're talking about a movie that's intended for a mass audience. I also have a few gripes about the acting. I've seen James Remar in a few other movies, and I have seen hi m do much better acting than he did in this one. He seemed very much of a mismatch for the part of Rayden. Christopher Lambert brought so much more personality to the role. I really thought Jax was the only interesting character in the movie. Liu Kang was really likable in the first movie, but in this one it wasn't as much so because what little dialogue he had was pretty lame, and it didn't seem like Robin Shou put as good an effort into it this time. And of course Shan! g Tsung was a much more interesting villian than Shao Kahn. I also thought the makeup and special effects weren't quite up to par with the first one, but that's minor. Lastly, I just want to say along with everybody else that the inclusion of Animalities was a particularly bad idea. The makers of the film should have been more worried about coming up with a worthwhile script than what gimmics they wanted to use in the movie. It seems like the producers of this movie had the mindset that as long as the Mortal Kombat name was on the movie everyone would flock to the theaters to see it. The problem is, they're probably right. I have a very high opionion of the first MK movie, but I think this one is a big step below what that one was. I was really disappointed with this movie because the source material was good enough that the movie could have been a good movie, but wasn't.

Colin Reid
I liked MK Annihilation because of the wild graphics and sound. I was like so happy when sucky Johny Cage died at the first of the movie.It would have been better if Sheeva got to fight,but otherwise it RRRROCKED.


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